Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will come with 8 GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

China's Xiaomi is poised to unveil the new generation of its flagship phones, the Xiaomi Mi 6, on April 19, but this has not stopped rumors about Xiaomi Mi Note 3 from appearing on the scene recently. According to sources close to the Chinese company, In the second quarter of this year.

The phone is expected to come with a 5.7 "screen with QHD resolution, a Qualcomm S8808 processor, 8 GB RAM with 128GB to 256GB internal memory and a large capacity of 4,070 mA.

Xiaomi announced Xiaomi Mi Note 2 in October last year, which means that it is too early to launch a new version of this category, especially as the expected price will reach $ 750 - according to the source - a high price compared to other Cheyomi phones
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