The next pixel phone may come with a curved screen

pixel phone

After Samsung demonstrated that the curved screens are required by users, and over time added significant advantages to them, other companies have begun to follow them such as Apple and Google where it is believed that the next pixel phone comes with a curved screen of the edges.

According to the media, Google is in talks with LG to invest $ 875 million in it to produce curved screens used by a pixel phone. This investment is strategic and long-term and not just a one-off purchase of LCD screens, as LG seeks to expand further in the production of OLEDs that can be bent from the edges.

If the investment actually happens, Google will move away from relying on Samsung for the supply of curved OLED screens and LG replaces them despite being a smaller product with less experience than its Korean competitor.

On the other hand, it is natural that Google will move to LG instead of Samsung, which will be busy meeting Apple's big demand on screens, with which it signed a contract to supply 160 million screens for iPhone 8 and will be part of curved screens of the edges in the most expensive version of the phone.

The problem for smart phone manufacturers today is the lack of curved screen supply sources, while Samsung is the largest and oldest manufacturer - since 2013 - but LG and Japan Display, which will not be able to start manufacturing curved screens before next year.
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